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Empowering Change Together

At the heart of the United Way of Northeast Michigan, our dedicated team combines passion with expertise to drive meaningful change across Alcona, Alpena, and Montmorency counties. Our collective mission is to mobilize resources, support the vulnerable, and build a stronger, more resilient community.

Executive Leadership

Joe Gentry,
Executive Director

Leading with vision and compassion, Joe Gentry steers our organization towards impactful community engagement and innovative solutions for the challenges our neighbors face. With a deep commitment to service and a rich background in community development, Joe embodies the spirit of collaboration and leadership that characterizes our work.

Shari A. Cloft,
Administrative Assistant

Shari A. Cloft is the organizational backbone of the United Way of Northeast Michigan, ensuring our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Her dedication to our mission and her unparalleled organizational skills enable us to focus on what matters most: serving our community.

2022/2023 Board of Directors

Executive Cabinet:

Alison Jakubcin, President

With her deep roots in the Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union, Alison brings a strong sense of community and financial acumen to guide our future initiatives.

Matt Seguin, President Elect

Lyn Kowalewsky, Treasurer

Lyn’s expertise from Alpena Community College ensures our resources are managed with the utmost responsibility, aligning our finances with our mission’s needs.

Lindsey Klein, Secretary

Representing the Alpena Housing Commission, Lindsey’s dedication to community service and organizational skills keep us focused and effective in our endeavors.

Members At Large:

Our board is further strengthened by the diverse experiences and passionate commitment of our Members-at-Large, including:

  • Ed Klimczak from Allegra Printing & Marketing (formerly Model Printing)
  • Dan O’Connor of Alcona Community Schools
  • Matt Poli with Alpena Public Schools
  • Scott Reynolds
  • Kim Schultz of Law Office of Kimberly Schultz
  • Jessica Luther of Alpena County Library
  • Jennifer Rossi of Seva Circle
  • Chelsea Meeder, CPA of Straley, Lamp & Kraenzlein
  • Steve Wright
  • Adam Poli of Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Angie Dubie of Thunder Bay Transporation Authority

Each member brings unique insights and a shared commitment to bettering our community through collective action.

Together, our Executive Leadership and Board of Directors are committed to leading the United Way of Northeast Michigan with transparency, innovation, and a deep commitment to the communities we serve. Our united efforts and shared vision pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all our neighbors.