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Finding Help When You Need It Most

In times of need, knowing where to turn can be overwhelming. At the United Way of Northeast Michigan, we’re here to lighten that load by connecting you with essential services and support systems. Whether you’re facing an immediate crisis or seeking long-term assistance, our “GET HELP” page is your starting point to find the resources you need to navigate life’s challenges.

2-1-1 Get Connected. Get Help. logo for United Way of Northeast Michigan's assistance program.

2-1-1 Help Line Immediate Assistance, 24/7 Support

The 2-1-1 Help Line is your direct line to help, available 24/7. Whether you’re looking for food pantries, emergency shelters, or medical services, our comprehensive directory and support staff can guide you to the right resources in Alcona, Alpena, and Montmorency counties.

Emergency Services Crisis Support When It Matters Most

Emergencies can’t wait. Our Emergency Services provide immediate assistance for those in urgent need. From housing and food emergencies to disaster response, we’re here to ensure you get the support you need quickly and compassionately.

Resource Guides Empowering You with Information

Knowledge is power, especially when facing tough situations. Our Resource Guides offer detailed information on local services, including healthcare, job training, and more. These guides are designed to empower you with the knowledge to find the support you need.

Applying for Assistance A Helping Hand, A Way Forward

Applying for assistance should not be a barrier to getting help. We streamline the process, providing clear information on how to apply for various programs and services. Our goal is to make accessing the assistance you need as straightforward as possible.


No one should navigate hardships alone. The United Way of Northeast Michigan is your partner in finding the help you need. By connecting you with resources, support, and community, we stand with you at every step of your journey towards stability and well-being. For more information or if you need help figuring out where to start, contact us today. We’re here to help.