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Elevating Voices, Shaping Futures

In the heart of Northeast Michigan, the United Way champions advocacy as a pivotal tool for enacting systemic change and enhancing community well-being. We understand that lasting transformation requires more than temporary aid—it needs a shift in the policies and practices that underpin societal issues. Our advocacy efforts aim to influence public policy and ensure that the voices of the most vulnerable are heard and considered in decision-making processes.

Our Focus Areas

Our advocacy work is centered on the core areas vital to community prosperity: education, health, and financial stability. By addressing these pillars, we strive to create a framework for sustainable development that benefits all members of our community.

Education Advocacy: We advocate for equitable access to quality education for all children, from early childhood through higher education.

Health Advocacy:Our efforts aim to shape policies that ensure comprehensive health coverage and services, particularly for mental health and wellness.

We champion initiatives that support economic empowerment, from fair wages to affordable housing and financial literacy programs.

Get Involved: Your Voice Matters

You have the power to make a difference. Whether you’re new to advocacy or have experience speaking out on issues that matter, your involvement can lead to meaningful change in Northeast Michigan.
  • Learn and Share: Educate yourself on the issues affecting our community and share this knowledge with others.
  • Speak Up: Contact your legislators about important issues. We provide guidance and resources to make your advocacy efforts impactful.
  • Join Our Campaigns: Participate in advocacy campaigns organized by United Way. Together, we can amplify our message and drive change.
  • Volunteer: Lend your time and expertise to support our advocacy efforts directly.


Ready to take action? Contact us to learn more about our current advocacy campaigns and how you can join the movement towards a stronger, more equitable Northeast Michigan.