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Immediate Support When You Need It Most

Facing a Crisis? We're Here to Help

In life’s most challenging moments, knowing where to turn for help can make all the difference. The United Way of Northeast Michigan is dedicated to providing immediate assistance through our Emergency Services, ensuring that no one in our community faces a crisis alone. Whether you’re in need of shelter, food, or emergency financial assistance, our network of resources is here to support you.

Our Emergency Services Include:

Emergency Services for Shelter and Housing Assistance

Temporary housing solutions for individuals and families facing homelessness or displacement.

Emergency Services for Food Assistance

Access to food pantries and emergency meal services for those experiencing food insecurity.

Emergency Services for Disaster Response:

Support and resources for recovery in the aftermath of natural disasters or community emergencies.

Emergency Services for Urgent Financial Aid:

Limited financial assistance for urgent needs such as utility bills, medical expenses, or other unforeseen financial burdens.

How to Access Emergency Services:

Reaching out is the first step. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency assistance, here’s how to get started:
Our 24/7 helpline connects you with a specialist who can guide you to the right services.

2. Visit Our Office

For local residents, our office staff can provide information and direct assistance during business hours.
Explore our website for a comprehensive directory of emergency services and support programs available in Northeast Michigan.


In times of crisis, the strength of our community shines brightest. The United Way of Northeast Michigan, together with our partners, is committed to providing a safety net for those in urgent need, offering a beacon of hope and support when it matters most.

For more detailed information about our Emergency Services or to seek assistance, contact us today!