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At the heart of Northeast Michigan, the United Way stands as a beacon of hope and progress. Since our inception in 1955, we’ve dedicated ourselves to uplifting the lives of individuals and families across Alcona, Alpena, and Montmorency counties. Our mission is to mobilize the caring power of our community to advance the common good, ensuring everyone has access to the essential building blocks of a fulfilling life: education, income stability, and health.

United Way of Northeast Michigan is more than just a nonprofit organization; we are a network of volunteers, partners, and advocates committed to creating lasting change. From providing emergency assistance to fostering educational opportunities and advocating for healthier communities, our work is driven by the belief that together, we can face our greatest challenges and build a brighter future for all.

Join us in our journey.

Discover the impact we’ve made and the lives we’ve touched. Together, we’re not just changing individual lives; we’re transforming our community for generations to come.



children receive a free age-appropriate book delivered to their mailbox each month.


local residents were impacted just in the last year alone.


dollars in grants to local social service agencies since 1981.

Empowering Our Community Through Targeted Action

At the United Way of Northeast Michigan, we’re committed to addressing the most pressing needs of our community through focused initiatives in Basic Needs & Financial Stability, Education, Health, and Advocacy. Discover how we’re making a difference and how you can join us in these efforts.

Diverse family reading together at home, promoting literacy and family bonding.

Basic Human Needs

Strengthening Foundations for a Better Tomorrow

We believe everyone deserves access to life’s basic necessities. From emergency housing and food assistance to financial stability programs, we’re here to support individuals and families in crisis, helping them rebuild and thrive. Learn more about our comprehensive support systems designed to uplift our community.

image of kids at school smiling together with their arms over each others shoulders


Investing in Our Future Through Education

Education is the cornerstone of community success and individual empowerment. Our initiatives range from early childhood programs to adult education, each designed to provide equitable opportunities for learning and growth. Discover how we’re working to ensure every member of our community can achieve their full potential.

Nurse in dark blue scrubs using a pink stethoscope on a smiling girl in a hospital bed, with her father sitting beside her.

Promoting Healthier Lives for All​

A healthy community is a strong community. Our health initiatives focus on physical and mental well-being, supporting individuals at every stage of life. From access to care for those without health insurance to programs aimed at improving mental health, find out how we’re fostering a healthier Northeast Michigan.

Group of dedicated volunteers at a community service event.


Raising Voices for Change

Change begins with advocacy. We champion policies that support our core focus areas—education, income stability, and health—mobilizing our community to speak out on critical issues. Get involved and learn how your voice can contribute to meaningful change in public policy and community well-being.


Join Our Mission to Make a Difference. Your time, talent, and treasure can transform lives in Northeast Michigan. Explore how you can contribute to building stronger, healthier, and more inclusive communities with us.


Become a Volunteer Hero. Every hand helps, and every effort makes a ripple across our community. Whether you’re looking to volunteer at events, assist in our offices, or lend your professional expertise, your time is a gift that fosters real change. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and find the right fit for your passion and skills.


Your Generosity Fuels Our Work. Every donation, big or small, contributes to the well-being of our neighbors and the health of our community. Support the United Way of Northeast Michigan with a one-time gift, or become a recurring donor to make a lasting impact. Discover how your contributions make a difference and donate today.


Engage with Our Community Events. From fundraising galas to community clean-ups, our events bring people together for fun, advocacy, and impact. Participate in upcoming events to connect with like-minded individuals and support our mission in dynamic ways. Check out our calendar and mark yours for our next gathering.


aise Your Voice for Change. Advocacy is a powerful tool for community improvement. By supporting policy changes and promoting awareness on critical issues, you help us address the root causes affecting our community’s well-being. Learn how you can advocate for education, health, and financial stability initiatives that make a real difference.


Stay Connected with the Latest from United Way of Northeast Michigan. Our community is always buzzing with activities, success stories, and opportunities to make a difference. From recent achievements to upcoming events, this is your hub for the latest news and happenings. Dive into our stories and find out how you can be part of the next big moment.


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